New England Indian Pudding

cook steadily five hours

Mrs. Senator Blair is one of the finest cooks of the capital. She gives a recipe for what is known in Vermont as “New England Indian Pudding”. The recipe is warranted and it has gained Senator Blair hundreds of votes for his education bill. Here it is:

Two quarts of milk,
one cup of meal,
one cup of molasses,
half-cup sugar,
one teaspoonful of salt,
one teaspoonful of cinnamon or ginger,
two eggs.

Heat one quart of the milk “milk warm,” then slowly stir in the meal and keep stirring gently until it thickens but does not quite boil. Remove from the stove and add the molasses, sugar, salt and spice. Then beat the eggs well and stir them in. Pour into the pudding dish, remove the mixing spoon and turn the second quart of milk in. Send immediately to the oven without mixing and cook steadily five hours.