Mrs. Stanley Matthews’ Recipe for Chicken Salad

Take the meat, free from skin and fat, of two large boiled chickens, cut in dice; with this mix thoroughly an equal quantity of good, white, crisp celery, cut in small pieces; three olives, chopped; two teaspoonfuls of capers;
make a dressing of six spoonfuls of best imported olive oil, two tablespoonfuls of vinegar, two teaspoonfuls of salt and a dash of red pepper;
pour over the salad and let it stand for several hours in the icebox.
Prepare a mayonnaise in the following manner:
Break two eggs very carefully and put the yolks into a soup plate; then add, drop by drop, a pint bottle of best olive oil, stirring steadily one way with a silver fork as the dressing thickens, thin with lemon juice, keeping it of the consistency of rich cream: add salt and cayenne pepper to taste.
Make a mound of the chicken salad on a platter, pour over the mayonnaise, and garnish with lettuce, olives, beets and carrots cut in fancy forms.