Mrs. Senator Cullom’s Candy

Mrs.Cullom has added her home to the other official ones on Massachusetts avenue, and is already settled in the lovely house, 1726. A candy table, over which Mrs. Cullom presided, and which she stocked with bon bons of her own manufacture, was the feature of one of the charity entertainments not long since. Every one was enthusiastic over the sweetness she dispensed, and declared it a shame that they could not buy the recipe for its manufacture. Such candy will be appreciated at Thanksgiving, especially as we feel we can indulge ourselves then in things the doctor or dyspepsia strongly forbid at other times.

Here is the recipe:
Mix together the whites of two eggs, an equal quantity of cold water, and enough confectioner’s sugar to make a stiff dough. It will require about two pounds.
To prepare fruits and nuts, take seeds out of dates and fill with the cream; blanch almonds and cover with cream. Candied cherries are very nice, taking little balls of the cream, and put a cherry on each. English walnuts are used in same way as cherries.