It is a dish for a king

From 1890:

Here is a fish chowder from the White House. It is a dish for a king.
The Presidents wife has prepared the recipe and her experience shows it to be good.

Cut a medium sized shad or white fish, three or four potatoes, one onion and a quarter of a pound of bacon into small pieces. Fry the bacon and onion a light brown. Put a layer of potatoes in the saucepan, over that a layer of the fish, then a sprinkling of onions and bacon, then a layer of tomatoes, sprinkling with pepper and salt, alternating the layers until all is in. Add enough water to cover, place over a moderate fire and let simmer twenty-five minutes. Boil one pint of milk, thickening it with cracker crumbs, let it stand a moment and then add to the chowder. Now stir for the first time, let boil an instant, season if not strong to taste and serve hot.