Mrs. Coves’ Plum Pudding

Mrs. Coves, wife of Dr. Elliot Coves, the noted theosophist, is as notable a housewife as her husband is a scientist, and erudite discussions are not the only attractions that draw the literati to her hospitable home. The recipe for English plum pudding which she gives is vouched for, and, as the ingredients are given with mathematical precision, its manufacture will doubtless prove easy. The pudding will keep all winter, and is even improved with age. Steam always be fore using, and serve in the manner as per recipe.

Three-quarters of a pound of picked and finely chopped suet;
three-quarters of a pound of stoned raisins;
three-quarters of a pound of well washed and picked currants;
one-quarter of a pound of candied orange peel and citron, cut in small slices;
three-quarters of a pound of powdered sugar;
three-quarters of a pound of bread crumbs;
two peeled russet apples, cut in small slices;
the crated peel of a lemon.

Mix the whole thoroughly in a basin, with three pounded cloves, a pinch of salt, six eggs, one at a time, one-half gill of rum. Butter a pudding mould; fill it with the mixture, and tie a cloth over the top. Reverse a small baking-sheet; at the bottom of a stock-pot three parts full of boiling water. Put the pudding in it and boil for four hours, keeping the pot replenished with boiling water. Turn the pudding out of the mould on to a hot dish; sprinkle the dish with pounded sugar; pour in one-half pint of warm rum, and light it when putting the pudding on the table.