Mixed Minced-Meat Cakes

From 1922:

Mince quite fine a quarter of a pound of beef steak, a quarter pound of veal cutlet, half pound of lean pork, two ounces of ham, one eschalot, season with a saltspoonful of salt, a saltspoonful of pepper, half a grain of cayenne, the sixth part of a nutmeg, grated, a saltspoonful of mixed sweet herbs, and a saltspoonful of anchovy-sauce; add an ounce of fine breadcrumb. When these ingredients are well mixed, add two well-beaten eggs leaving out one white. Make the meat up into cakes three inches across and half an inch thick; brush them over with white of egg, and dredge them well with baked flour. Fry in boiling fat for eighteen minutes, or broil over a bright fire.