From 1916:

Washington’s birthday, for a long time observed with fine oratory, is becoming a day of family gatherings and general entertainments. There should be a flavor of colonial culinary about the Washington day dinner, and of course it should include a Martha Washington recipe. Virginia baked ham is a dish sure to tickle the palate of the modern epicure, and here is “Lady Washington’s” “own recipe” for a dish liked well by “The Father of Our Country.”

Soak ham in cold water over night, scrub and scrape it, stick cloves in rind 5 inches apart, cover with 1-3 parts sweet cider and 2 parts water, adding ½ cupful of brown sugar. Simmer slowly until tender. This may require the greatest part of the day, so put it on early.
When done let it stand in its own liquor until cold, then take up, remove the rind, rub well with light brown sugar, grate an onion over and bake in a covered pan until nicely browned. This too will require at least 2 hours as it must again heat through.