Soak ½ package gelatine in 10 tablespoonfuls water. Boil 2 cupfuls sugar with 10 tablespoonfuls water until it threads. Add gelatine to syrup, and let stand until partially cooled. Add a few grains of salt and flavouring to taste. Beat with a whip until stiff, then with a spoon until soft enough to settle into a sheet. Dust pans thickly with powdered sugar, pour in the candy about half an inch deep and set in a cold place until thoroughly chilled. Turn out, cut in cubes, and roll in powdered sugar This recipe will make over one hundred marshmallows. Nuts, chocolate, fruit juices in place of part of the water, or candled fruits, chopped, may be added.

Or the plain ones, rolled in shredded cocoanut before being sugared, are delicious.