Marshmallow Ice Cream

Put one cupful of sugar and a quarter of a cupful of water into a saucepan and let it boil without stirring until it will spin a thread when dropped from the spoon (230 degrees) . Add half a pound of fresh marshmallows cut in halves and when partially melted beat until smooth, using an egg-beater. Pour, while beating constantly, on the stiffly whipped whites of three eggs and beat until cold. Add one and a third cupfuls of heavy cream whipped solid, two ounces of blanched chopped pistachio nuts pounded to a paste and a little green vegetable coloring matter. Freeze slowly and serve surrounded with fresh strawberries. This cream is prettily served by forming with chilled butter paddles into small eggs and arranging in nests of spun sugar garnished with the fresh berries. Spun sugar can be obtained from any caterer.