Mango Chutney

From 1922:

One and a half pounds moist sugar, ¾ lb. salt, ½ lb. garlic, ¼ lb. onions, ¾ lb. powdered ginger, ¼ lb. dried chillies, ¾ lb. mustard seed, ¾ lb. stoned raisins, 2 bottles best vinegar, 30 large unripe sour apples. The sugar must be made into syrup; the garlic, onions and ginger finely pounded in a mortar; the mustard seed washed in cold vinegar and dried in the sun; the apples peeled, cored, and sliced and boiled in a bottle and a half of vinegar. When all this is done, and the apples are quite cold, put them into a large pan and gradually mix the rest of the ingredients, including the remaining half-bottle of vinegar. It must be well stirred until the whole is thoroughly blended, then put into bottles for use. Tie a piece of wet bladder over the mouths of the bottles after they are well corked.