Lemon Cheese

I send you a recipe for lemon cheese as we made it in England, which is a nice change for filling for tartlets instead of jelly. I only left England five years ago, so I have many of our favourite dishes still fresh in my mind.

Lemon Cheese
Half pound sugar,
Quarter pound butter,
juice of two lemons and grated rind, if liked;
four eggs.

Melt sugar and butter in double boiler, add rind, juice, and beaten eggs, stir constantly until it boils.
It is then ready for use. We used to make a quantity of it when eggs were cheap and seal it for winter.
“Mrs S.B.K.”

Thank you for the recipe, which resembles the filling made for a Virginia dish called transparent pudding. I have always noticed the preponderance of English recipes in Virginia, and this is another instance of the close tie binding the old country with the new. I hope you will send us some more.