Lamb Chops and Oranges

Did you ever try mixing lamb chops and oranges? That’s another of those delicious combinations of meat and fruit in which each brings out to the full flavor of the other.

Six French chops, six slices orange, melted butter, paprika, salt.
Dip each chop in melted butter, place on a well oiled broiler. Broil eight minutes. Turn and place a slice of orange on each chop. Broil eight minutes longer. The fat should be trimmed from chops. Sprinkle with salt and paprika and serve very hot with a garnish of sliced oranges. Lamb chops can be pan broiled quite as well as broiled under the flame. Trim fat from chops and dip in melted butter. Place in hissing frying pan and put a slice of orange on each chop. Turn frequently, keeping the orange always on top of the chop.
Allow for 20 minutes for broiling the meat.