Wash ½ pint of split peas and boil them for two hours and a

An Indian Recipe from 1922:

One pound and a half of veal cutlets, cut into neat squares, one-third of an inch thick; put into ¾ pint of water, with a wineglassful of vinegar, a saltspoonful of tarragon vinegar, a teaspoonful of salt, and half a clove of garlic, bruised. Let it remain for an hour. Wash ½ pint of split peas and boil them for two hours and a half in a quart of water; add ½ lb. rice and continue to boil for 25 minutes, stirring frequently to keep from burning. Chop three onions and fry in butter till slightly browned, drain off the water and add the peas and rice to the onions; season with a saltspoonful of salt, a quarter of a saltspoonful of cardamoms, the eighth part of a nutmeg grated. Stir and fry till the butter is all absorbed, and the whole is of a pale brown color; then stir in the water drained from the rice and peas. Wipe the veal dry, dip each piece into beaten egg, then into curry powder (a tablespoonful and a half) and fry slowly, in butter ( ¼ lb.) till nicely browned on both sides, for about half an hour. Lay it in the centre of a hot dish, pour over the strained juice of a lemon, place the kedcheree round it and serve at once.