it is well worth the trying

From 1890:

This dish is not a Lenten dish, but it is so good that it will, I doubt not, cause many a cook to sin. It comes from Miss Strong, the daughter of the retired justice, and it is well worth the trying. The recipe reads:

Cut up a chicken into quite small pieces, skin it, and pour over three pints of cold water. Boil it until the bones slip out of the meat easily, then take out all the meat, throw back the bones to boil in the liquor
longer. Chop the meat with the rind of one lemon, having squeezed the juice into the boiling liquor. Put the meat, well-seasoned, into a jelly mould, and when the liquor is boiled down fully one-half, strain
it over the meat in the mould. Next morning turn out and serve with salad.