Irish Stew

Cut about two mounds of mutton

From 1909:

Cut about two mounds of mutton from the neck or ribs into neat pieces and put into an iron saucepan with about half a cup of hot water. As this boils away, brown the meat in its own fat, together with four small onions, sliced. Season with salt and pepper, then add three pints boiling water, put in the regular cooker saucepan, bring to a boil and put in the cooker. Let it remain there for about four hours. Two hours before serving remove, bring to the boiling point, add a half cupful each celery, turnip and carrot cut in even slices. Cook ten minutes, add two cupfuls sliced potatoes, then return to the cooker for an hour and a half or two hours. Take up and thicken with flour to the desired consistency, add ribbons of green or parsley minced fine, cook a moment, season to taste and serve.