Irish Potato Cake

From 1910:

Peel, boil and mash four or five potatoes. Or if you have cold mashed potatoes left over from dinner, they will do as well. Indeed I prefer these last. Put them into a mixing-pan with about half as much flour as you have potato. Add a tablespoonful of salt and two tablespoonfuls of lard or dripping. Work between the hands until all lumps are gone. If you have half a cup of milk handy, moisten the mass with it and work into a soft dough. Dissolve half a teaspoonful of baking soda in a little warm water, and work this into the dough. Lay upon a bread-board and roll into a sheet half an inch thick and cut into irregular shapes as may be convenient. Bake
upon a well-greased griddle, turning to brown each side, until all are done.

Split, butter, close again upon the butter and pile upon a hot plate. Then if any one tells you the cakes are not good, he is no Irishman!

A teaspoonful of caraway seeds mixed into the dough will improve the cakes.