Irish Moss Salad

From 1914:

Wash a handful of the edible sea moss in hot water, then soak in hot water to cover for an hour.
Pour over moss a quart of boiling water and simmer until dissolved. Add the juice of two or three lemons and a little green coloring (spinach juice will answer) and strain into a shallow pan.
Set aside to chill and stiffen.
Just before serving arrange crisp lettuce leaves in a salad bowl, cut the jelly in cubes and heap in the middle of the dish. Surround the mound with a border of mixed chopped tart apple and celery and dress with sauce tartare. This salad which can be made from any preparation of Irish moss, is exceedingly beneficial in cases of irritation of the throat or any severe cold, as it combines nourishment and healing. It may be used as a plain jelly or be combined with any kind of fruit and served with whipped cream or wine sauce.

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