Inexpensive Irish Pan-Cakes

From 1914:

Put a pint of fresh sweet milk in a saucepan with a rounding tablespoonful of butter and set over the fire, then add one well beaten egg and a teaspoon of salt. Sift about a half-pound of flour into a bowl, stir the liquid into it and beat to a light batter.
Dissolve a compressed yeast cake in a tablespoonful of rich milk or cream, add two more spoonfuls of cream or milk and a teaspoonful of butter and beat thoroughly together.
Cover the bowl with a cloth and let rise three-quarters of an hour, or until the batter is light and spongy all through.
Put a griddle over the fire, grease well and set on it well greased muffin rings. Fill three-fourths full of the raised batter and when cooked a delicate brown on the side next to the griddle, put a pancake turner under the rings and cakes, and reverse quickly. Brown on the other side.
When done, tear apart, butter each side, put together again and serve at once.