Ice Cream

From 1922:

To two large cans (or four small ones) of evaporated milk, add one of the cans full of water, and egg for each can, and sugar to taste (it should be just a mite too sweet before freezing, as it loses some of the sweetness when chilled, as do all sweets). Mix all together and lastly add vanilla extract. Crush a box of cleaned strawberries and sweeten them instead of the milk mixture if berries are used. Place milk mixture in freezer and turn just until it begins to chill before putting in the berries. Turn in the berries and freeze until firm. Pack and let stand until ready to use.
If you use pineapple or peaches in the cream, they should not be sweetened, and if you use syrup and all from the peaches, you need not sweeten them. This makes a gallon, as cream swells when freezing, and the average cost is about 75c if you have to buy the fruits and eggs.