Hungarian Apfel Strudel

This recipe has been used for fifty years

This recipe has been used for fifty years by the dear little German hausfrau who gave it to me, and is reliable and delicious.

One whole egg or half an egg, pinch of salt, one and one-fourth ounces butter. Beat well together in a large coffee cup, fill cup with lukewarm water and add flour to make a soft bread dough. Work until it blisters, place in a warm dish in a warm place for half an hour. Cover the top of a kitchen table with a clean cloth, roll the dough as thin as possible on the pastry board, then transfer to the cloth covered table and stretch until the dough covers the entire top and is so thin and transparent that ordinary newspaper print can be read through it. Sprinkle it generously with chopped apples, nuts of any kind, raisins, sugar and cinnamon to taste, and roll by means of the helpful cloth underneath, which keeps the dough from breaking because of the heavy weight of goodness it bears. Hold the cloth by the edge and lift gently, making of the dough a long roll that can be curled up in a pan and baked to delicious brownness in a slow oven for one hour. It would be impossible to roll this without the cloth underneath. A large strudel this makes, well worth the trouble.