Honey Cake by Dorothy Gish

From 1915:

I like cake, if it’s nice and sweet; the sweeter the better, and I really like it best when I make it myself. One of my favorite recipes is for honey cake. This is what I put into it:

One half breakfast cupful of sugar;
breakfast cupful of rich sour cream;
2 cupfuls of flour;
½ teaspoonful of carbonate of soda, and
honey to taste.
Mix the sugar and cream together. Rub in the flour with as much honey as will flavor the mixture nicely. Be sure to stir it well so that all the ingredients are mixed properly. Then add the carbonate of soda and beat the cake well for another five minutes. Put it into a buttered tin and bake it about one-half to three-quarters of an hour. Honey cake should be eaten warm.