From 1912:

On baking day take out a pound or so of dough from the quantity prepared for the day’s baking. Do this before you set the dough for the last rising. Work into the reserved portion an even tablespoonful of butter for a cupful of the dough. Knead upon the board for three minutes to incorporate the butter well. Then with the roiling pin beat the dough out into a sheet an inch thick. Roll it up as you would pastry, and pound flat again. This done, roll the sheet out smooth and less than a quarter of an inch in thickness. Cut out with a small tumbler or cake cutter. Prick around each all the way through with a fork in several places and bake quickly to a pale brown. Work the scraps left by the cutter into a sheet and cut out to the last bit.
Let them get cold before putting into a box lined with white paper.