Recipe No. 1:

4 Cups Hershey’ s Cocoa.
4 Cups Sugar.
Pinch of Salt.

Mix Cocoa and Sugar dry and thoroughly mix.
Bring to boil two gallons of water, add the Cocoa and Sugar, stir thoroughly, bring to slight boil, then add 2 large cans evaporated cream (any good brand) and boil slowly for ten minutes, add pinch salt and serve HOT. Two Marshmallows placed in the cup and the hot cocoa poured over them makes a delicious topping; this will melt them. This quantity will serve about 50 cups.

Recipe No. 2:

Fresh Milk, very hot, and an equal quantity of very hot water.
In this case sugar and cocoa must be made into syrup by adding a little water, then bring to a boil for five minutes slowly, then add the hot milk and water, but don’t boil this, serve hot.
This is a rich drink; the marshmallows may be used as above.
Large gatherings may be economically served with Recipe No. 1, estimate the number to be served and prepare as above such material as is required.