1 Cup Hershey’ s Cocoa.
2 Cups Sugar.
2 Cups Boiling Water.
Pinch of Salt.

Mix Cocoa and Sugar dry, thoroughly mix, then add to boiling water, stir and mix thoroughly- boil slowly ten minutes, remove from fire and add pinch of salt.

Recipe No. 1.
2 Cans, large size, Evaporated Cream (any good brand),
seven quarts water in which a quantity of finely chipped ice is mixed, very cold,
pour in the above syrup, mix thoroughly,
add a good sized lump of ice to keep COLD,
serve very cold.
Marshmallow topping is an added delight.
This will serve about 35 glasses.

Recipe No. 2.
Instead of Evaporated Cream, use 1 Gallon fresh milk and three quarts of water and ice, very cold,
add to same lump of ice,
top with marshmallow if desired.
Serves 35 glasses.
Large gatherings may be served quickly and economically with-Recipe No. 1, estimate number of persons to be served, make up syrup to meet the requirements.

The recipes above have been used successfully in many Army Y. M. C. A. gatherings, Y. W. C. A. receptions, Church receptions and private receptions in many cities by Mrs. W. J. Blackwell.