Beat to a very light cream a cupful of butter and 2 cupfuls of powdered sugar. Whip light the yolks of three eggs, and stir into this next ½ cupful of milk. Have ready 2 cupfuls of flour, sifted twice with a teaspoonful of baking powder, and stir this in alternately with the whipped whites of the eggs. Add more flour if you cannot manage the dough easily in trying to roll it out. Have it just stiff enough to be handled without sticking to your hands. In a dish nearby have a cupful of chopped nutmeats — hickory nuts, pecans or English walnuts. Sprinkle them with powdered sugar. Roll the dough very thin, strew liberally with the minced nuts and lay another thin sheet of dough over them. Pass the rolling pin gently over the upper sheet, to press the nuts into place, and cut into rounds.
Sprinkle with sugar and set in the pan. Bake in a quick oven, covered, for fifteen minutes, then brown lightly.
These are really delicious. If you like, omit the sugaring of the tops and ice when cold.