One grapefruit,
one large orange,
one large lemon.

Scrub fruit, cut in half, seed and take out cores.
Chop or shave the fruit very fine, saving every bit and every drop of juice. Measure these, and to every cupful add two cupfuls of cold water, put in agate or china vessel and let stand for twenty-four hours – longer will do no harm in cold weather.
Put on the stove and let it come slowly to a boil, cook for twenty minutes after this and set it away for twenty-four hours more. Then measure again, and for every cupful allow a cupful of sugar, place this in a shallow pan in open oven, put fruit on the stove and bring again to the boil, and boil hard ten minutes.
Put in the sugar, boil moderately until the fruit jellies on a spoon dipped into it. Fill your glasses with the hot mixture, and when the marmalade is cold pour over the top of each glass a thin film of melted paraffin.
The amount I have given will fill ten ordinary jelly glasses and will keep for years.
Sometimes I make the marmalade without the grapefruit. Occasionally I use the oranges and lemons and just before putting in the sugar I stir in a quart of rhubarb stewed without sugar – but I allow sugar for it. Often I use other fruits than the rhubarb – pear, peaches, etc., but I always stew it until soft. Be sure that the skin of the fruit is very tender before putting on the sugar.