Grape Catsup

a tart grape is better for this

Wash and stem the grapes (a tart grape is better for this than one inclined to be dead sweet), put the fruit into a preserving kettle and cook until tender, stirring from the bottom frequently with a wooden paddle or spoon, both to break the fruit and to guard against scorching. When the fruit is soft, rub it through a fine colander to remove seeds, putting in a small quantity at a time. Use only the pulp, throwing aside the skins and the seeds. Add to every three pint of the seedless and skinless pulp a pound of brown sugar, half a pint of white vinegar, a heaping teaspoonful each of ground allspice, mace, cinnamon, salt and white pepper and a half teaspoonful of ground cloves. Put all together over the fire, boil slowly and steadily until the mixture is reduced to one-half the original quantity. It should be very thick. Let it become entirely cold before you put it into bottles, cork tightly and seal.