Gooseberry Jam

should be picked when they are fully grown

The gooseberries for jam should be picked when they are fully grown, just before they begin to soften. To each lb. of gooseberries allow 1 lb. of sugar, and to every 4 lb of gooseberries one cupful of water. The gooseberries should be topped and tailed and washed before they are weighted. Put the gooseberries into the preserving pan, add 1 or 2 lb. of sugar and the water. Heat gently till the gooseberries begin to break so that the juice flows from them. If heated too quickly they are likely to burn. When there is enough juice to make burning unlikely, bring them to the boil, and boil till they are soft. Add the rest of the sugar and boil until the jam will set when a little is cooled on a plate.