From 1912:

Cream together a cupful of sugar and half a cupful of butter. Add two eggs, a cupful of molasses, and half a cupful of strong cold coffee, in which dissolve a scant teaspoonful of baking soda. Three cupful of sifted flour, one cupful of raisins, figs, and dates, cut fine and mixed; one cupful of washed and dried currants, a quarter pound of citron minced fine, a quarter pound of blanched and shredded almonds, and a teaspoonful of mixed pulverized cinnamon, cloves, mace, nutmeg, and ginger. Flavor with the strained juice of a lemon.
Bake In a moderate oven one hour in a mold or pan lined with buttered paper.
This cake will keep sweet and soft for several months if put into a tin box with a cover. Line the box with waxed paper.