Fricassee of Chicken, Creole Style

Clean the chickens, and cut in

Clean the chickens, and cut in neat pieces. Heat a mixture of lard and butter in the frying pan and fry the pieces of chicken, dredged with flour to a rich brown. Now place the chicken in the cooker saucepan, adding one quart tomatoes, one pint boiling water, one small onion minced and a little bunch parsley. Cook fifteen minutes, seasoning with salt and pepper, then put into the cooker and cook for six to eight hours, according to the age of the chicken. Serve with rice. If preferred, rice may be added and cooked with the stew. The latter should be very moist. If rice is not used, the gravy may be thickened with browned flour and the fricasee served on a split baking powder biscuit, or on toast.