Fresh Pineapple Pie

Serve this pie cold.

Fit short pastry over the outside of a pie tin, instead of the inside, and prick with a fork to prevent blistering; then set the pan, pastry side up, in a moderate oven to cook until done.
Let cool; then fill with this mixture:
Heat one cupful of milk to the boiling point in a double boiler; add two teaspoonfuls of cornstarch wet with a tablespoonful of cold milk, a pinch of salt, and one rounding tablespoonful of sugar; stir until the mixture has cooked five minutes, which will burst the starch cells. Whip one egg yolk with a little of the hot mixture, then turn it into the custard, stirring until the egg is blended. Let it become cool; then strain through a sieve and mix with a cupful of fresh pineapple, shredded or chopped very fine. Spread in the pastry shell. Whip the white of the egg with one tablespoonful of sugar and a small bit of salt until it will keep its shape; then add a little lemon juice to take away the egg taste. Spread over the pie and place in a very moderate oven to delicately brown. Watch the pie during this process very carefully, as the meringue burns very quickly. Serve this pie cold.

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