From 1922:

Wash and clean a good-sized rabbit, take the fillets from the back, cut each across into three, and slice the four thick pieces lengthwise, making ten altogether. Put them in a stewpan with a little dripping; season them with pepper and salt, and let them cook for 10 minutes turning them once; cut the liver and an equal quantity of bacon in small dice. Fry the liver and bacon, and then allow the pieces to simmer for half an hour. Then pound them in a basin with a tablespoonful of brown sauce. Pass this through a sieve, then season with pepper and salt, and heat thoroughly without boiling, cut ten pieces of stale bread half an inch thick, two inches long, and an inch and a half broad. Fry them a light brown, scoop out the centre of each piece of bread, and fill with the prepared liver mixture. Coat the rabbit fillets with brown glaze, and place one on the top of each piece of bread. Dish in a circle with croquettes of rice or potatoes in the centre. For the glace, mix a quarter of an ounce of gelatine in half a teacupful of boiling water in which a little Bisto has been dissolved and brush over the fillets.