Fig Jam – Not Too Sweet

Put the figs into a basin of boiling

Put the figs into a basin of boiling water, let them stand for a few minutes. Then strain and remove the skins. Cut off the stalk end, which is always tough. Weigh the figs and allow 1 lb. of sugar to 1 lb. of fruit. Divide each fig into four or more pieces, according to its size. To each 1 lb. of sugar allow the juice of two lemons and one pint of water. Put the sugar, water, and lemon juice into a preserving pan. Bring them to the boil, and boil until the sugar is dissolved. Skim carefully. Put the figs into the syrup, cover the preserving pan, and leave till next day. Next day bring to the boil and cook gently till the figs are quite soft, and the syrup sets slightly when tested.

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