English Plum Pudding

From 1911:

Two and a half pounds of Valencia raisins, seeded; the same quantity of imported sultanas; 3 pounds of currants; ¾ of a pound of citron peel; ½ pound each of orange and lemon peel; 4 pounds of beef kidney suet, chopped, not ground: 5 ounces of cream of tartar baking powder; 12 eggs; 3 pints of milk; 2 ¼ pounds of granulated sugar; 3 pounds of flour; 2 pounds of raw ground carrots; 1 ounce of fine salt; 1 ounce of ground quill cinnamon and the same of ground cloves; ½ ounce of nutmeg; ¾ of an ounce of allspice; 9 ounces of Jamaica rum. This last ingredient may be omitted if you wish.
Mix in the usual way into medium-sized puddings. Tie loosely in cloths and boil from 6 to 8 hours.
Serve with or without brandy sauce.

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