Cut cold boiled ham into small pieces. The ham which comes in tins will answer the purpose-not the devilled and potted kind but that which is purchased in slices.
Melt a tablespoonful of butter in the frying pan or chafing dish blazer; put in the ham with a teaspoonful of onion juice and cook until the meat begins to crisp up about the edges. You can use the ham according to your supply. Half a pound is none too much for five or six or seven eggs, but you may make less do if that is all you have.
When the crisping stage is reached turn in your beaten eggs – as many as you think you will need. The fat from the ham and the butter together should insure them against scorching. Stir them until they are done, adding pepper and chopped parsley if you have the latter. The ham furnishes enough salt. You may be sure of the popularity of your dish even if you do not go so far as a man I knew who said, “I could eat a barrel of that eggs with ham.”