Eggs in Tomatoes

From 1922:

Allow 1 egg for each person, and half that number of very large, firm tomatoes; cut the tomatoes in halves, take out the centres, seeds and juice; sprinkle into each hollow a little salt, pepper and pinch of castor sugar. Break an egg into a cup and carefully pour it into the hollowed tomatoes, then place this in a greased baking tin. When all the eggs are prepared, put the tin in a hot oven and cook until the whites are set, basting every now and then with melted dripping. Sprinkle a little chopped fresh parsley over each when cooked. To make the dish more substantial, place each tomato in a circle of hot toast. Round the edge of the dish put a border or chopped green parsley, and at intervals round the border lay thin slices of tomatoes and hard-boiled egg.