a sweet that both looks and is delicious

For a cold supper a sweet that both looks and is delicious is an important factor. Here is a recipe for one that is easily made as well.
Sponge cakes, apricot jam or any kind that is liked; the juice of a lemon; three-quarters pint of custard to every four sponge cakes; about 1 ½ lbs plums or good-sized apples (or pears when in season); sugar to sweeten the fruit, and the whites of two eggs.
Bake the apples, or stew the plum in their own juice, adding just enough water to start them cooking. When cooked, remove the skin from the apples and rub the fruit through a hair sieve. Add the sugar to this puree; whisk the whites of eggs stiffly and stir into the fruit. Cut the sponge cakes in half; spread with jam, and sprinkle with a little lemon juice. Place the cakes daintily in a suitable dish and pour the custard over. Arrange the fruit puree in rough spoonfuls over the custard.