Danish Kleiner Recipe.
”In reply to the requests for Danish recipes, I send one for Danish kleiner, and I am sure it will be satisfactory. It was handed down to me by my mother, who was born and brought up in Denmark. The proportions I give will make about 100 medium sized cakes. It sounds like a large quantity, but I usually have to hide those I make – they go so quickly. I recently made a large platter of them for a cake sale, and every one was sold. I am sorry I cannot give recipes for ableskiver and sodsuppe, but I have many Danish relatives
and will try to get the directions and send them later. Mrs. W.F.”

Two whole eggs,
yolks of six eggs,
one-half cup milk,
six tablespoons sugar,
a little grated nutmeg,
flour to knead.

Beat the eggs until light; add sugar and beat again; add milk.
Stir in carefully enough flour to make a soft dough, turn out on floured board and knead in lightly enough flour to make the dough easily handled without sticking to the board. Roll out a quarter of an Inch thick, cut into long strips about an Inch and a half wide. Cut each strip again on the bias, so as to form diamond shaped pieces about three and a half inches long from point to point; make a slit in the center of each and pull one end through.
Fry In deep fat to a golden brown and sprinkle with powdered sugar when cold.

Distinctively national cookery, no matter of what country, always interests me, and I am glad to have these directions for my own use as well as to print them here for the benefit of other housekeepers.