If you think you are coming home hungry when you go out, boil half a dozen eggs hard before you leave the house. Even if you decide not to cook supper on your return the eggs can be put to use next day, while if you have them ready, diverse good dishes are within your reach.

Curried Eggs is made by preparing a white sauce, as for eggs on anchovy toast, by cooking together a tablespoon each of butter and flour until they bubble, pouring a cup of milk on them, and stirring until you have a smooth sauce. To this you may add a teaspoon of curry powder and put in the sliced hard boiled eggs, pepper and salt to taste; or you may make a Scotch woodcock by the addition of a teaspoon of anchovy paste to the same sauce and of six sliced hard boiled eggs; or you may add cheese to the sauce and when it is melted put in your sliced eggs; or you may substitute beef extract or soup or gravy for the milk, season with onion juice and kitchen bouquet, and cook your hard boiled eggs in this.