Make a syrup from 1 lb. sugar and a half-pint of

Make a syrup from 1 lb. sugar and a half-pint of water by boiling gently and stirring until the sugar is dissolved, and then boiling briskly for four or five minutes. Try a little by dropping in water and rubbing between finger and thumb. If it forms a small ball it is all right; if not, it needs more boiling. Then throw the fruit to be conserved into the syrup, let it simmer for a moment or two, and sift with a strainer, letting all the syrup drain away. Sprinkle sugar thickly over boards or tin cans, place the fruit on them in single layers, then sprinkle thickly with granulated sugar and place in the oven to dry. When dry make a syrup as before, and just before it reaches the “ball” stage add the fruit and stir with a wooden spoon till the sugar begins to grain and stick to the fruit. When the fruit is cold sift off the surplus sugar and dry again as before. Then keep in trays or boxes between sheets of waxed paper, and keep in a cool, dry place.