Make a pan of egg bread with one egg; a pint of sifted meal into which two even teaspoons of baking powder and half a teaspoon of salt have been placed. Mix with a cup of sweet milk and two tablespoons of cooking oil, or its equivalent in lard. Bake to a light golden brown. Take a loaf of stale white bread and mix with the cornmeal egg bread in a large bowl. Chop about a tablespoon of the fresh crisp tops of celery and one hard boiled egg and mix with the crumbs. Chop half the liver and half the gizzard of the turkey and the whole heart with a rounding tablespoon of chopped onion and cook slightly in a skillet with a rounding tablespoon of butter. Cook only until the onion becomes a delicate brown, then turn in the crumbs, break a whole egg into the mixture and stir well, moistening with milk and water in equal parts, season with salt, ground pepper, and a pinch of paprika. This will fill a ten pound turkey. Oysters may be added to the dressing if desired.