Cold Cabinet Pudding

From 1922:

This recipe gives an opportunity to use stale cake. Any cake except molasses or spice cake may be used, as well as any kind of preserved or dried fruits, as raisins or currants.

One pint milk,
2 whole eggs or yolks of 3 eggs,
¼ teaspoon salt,
1 tablespoon gelatine soaked in ¼ cup cold water,
½ cup sugar,
1 cup fruit,
stale cake,
1 teaspoon vanilla.

Make a custard using milk, eggs, sugar and salt. Add gelatine soaked in the cold water. Have ready a mold or bread pan and in it pour enough of the custard to cover the bottom.
Place mold in ice and when mixture sets cover with part of the fruit and pieces of cake. Add some more of the custard and again allow it to set before putting another layer of fruit and cake.
Repeat until all the material has been used. Let stand in a cold place until the mold is firm enough to turn out. It may be served with whipped cream or some preserved fruit, or just as it is.