One peck green tomatoes, 1 large head cabbage

From 1922:

One peck green tomatoes, 1 large head cabbage, 1 dozen large onions, 1 dozen cucumbers. Salt, chop, and drain 24 hours, then cover with one-third vinegar and two-thirds water.
Let it stand two days, drain, then add ½ pt. grated horse radish ¼ lb. white mustard seed, ½ oz. celery seed, 2 tablespoonfuls cinnamon, 4 tablespoonfuls black pepper, 2 tablespoonfuls tumeric, ½ lb. sugar, 2oz. ground mustard, 3 quarts cider vinegar; let it come to a boil. This pickle will keep indefinitely in a stone jar with a cloth tied over it, but be sure the jar has never had grease of any kind stored in it.