Chocolate Macaroons

Take ¾ lb. of ground almonds,

Take ¾ lb. of ground almonds, ½ oz. ground rice, 1 oz. grated chocolate, ½ lb. castor sugar, 3 whites of eggs, ½ teaspoonful vanilla essence, 1 oz. shredded almonds, rice paper. Put the ground almonds and half the whites of eggs into a basin, and cream well together for 10 minutes, then add the castor sugar, rice flour, vanilla essence, grated chocolate, and the remainder of the whites of eggs and beat all together for 10 minutes. Put the mixture into a bag with a half-inch plain pipe, and pipe the mixture out on to rice paper into rounds the size of a penny. Put the shredded almonds on the top, and bake in a moderate oven for about 20 minutes.