Chocolate Layer Cake With Cream Filling

Beat eggs and milk together; sift

From 1911:

One and a half cups of sugar,
one and a half cups of flour,
two eggs,
one glass milk,
two teaspoons baking powder,
one teaspoon vanilla extract,
two and a half tablespoons ground chocolate,
two tablespoons melted butter (put butter in last).

Beat eggs and milk together; sift flour, sugar, chocolate and baking powder all together; stir In eggs and milk and beat for about five minutes; now stir in vanilla; lastly, stir in butter well; pour in layer cake pans and bake about 20 minutes.
Cream Filling:
Two cups or one and a half cups of powdered sugar,
two tablespoons milk,
one teaspoon butter

Roll powdered sugar out with rolling pin to free it from all lumps; put in bowl; melt butter and milk together (do not boil); pour over powdered sugar and stir until smooth enough to spread on layers with a knife; a few drops of any kind of extract improves it. This filling also can be used as a frosting.