Chilli Drink

more suitable for winter than for summer

From 1922:

Chilli drink is more suitable for winter than for summer. The following recipe is recommended:
5 lb. of sugar, 2 oz. tartaric acid, 100 chillies, four quarts and one pint of boiling water, essence of pineapple to flavour. Put 4 lb. of sugar, the chillies, and the acid into a large bowl. Pour four quarts of boiling water over it. Stir well and bruise the chillies. Then burn 1 lb. of sugar, and when a rich brown pour over it one pint of boiling water. Stir until the sugar is dissolved, and add to the other ingredients. Leave till cold, then flavour with pineapple essence, strain, and bottle. Use one tablespoonful in a glass of hot or cold water. For the lemon syrup, use the juice of three dozen lemons, one quart of cold water, 1 ½ lb. loaf sugar, and the thinly pared yellow rind of three lemons. Boil all together, let the syrup get gold, then strain and bottle.