Cut the meat from a tender fowl and put the

From 1912:

Cut the meat from a tender fowl and put the bones over the fire to simmer slowly for two hour, covering them with cold water and fitting a cover upon the kettle. Cut the chicken into cubes about an inch long. Have ready in a broad Scotch kettle three tablespoonfuls of sweet lard or dripping. When it hissed put in a small onion chopped fine. As soon as this begins to color add the chicken cubes and cook on both sides, turning often until the meat is half done. Ten minutes after the boiling begins again should be enough. Do not begin to try the meat until the bones have cooked for two hours at least. If they are well cracked the process of extracting the nutriment will be facilitated. Set the kettle containing the bones in cold water to throw up the grease. Skim the liquid, strain, and after frying the meat ten minutes pour over just enough stock to cover well. Simmer closely covered for an hour, then add three tablespoonfuls of chili powder and half a dozen cloves of garlic which have been parboiled and chopped. Simmer all together for an hour longer, or until the meat is very tender.
Ten minutes before taking out the meat put in three good sized tomatoes, cut into bits, and a teaspoonful of sugar. Cook steadily for the last ten minutes and serve.