Chicken Pie

Flavour with pepper and salt

From 1922:

If there are any doubts regarding the age of the chickens, they should be boiled slowly first with pepper, salt, a little lemon rind, a pinch of mace, and sprigs of thyme, and a slice of onion. In any case, the giblets, feet and neck of the birds should be cooked in water with the mentioned seasonings, in order to make stock, to be added to the meat. Cut up the chicken into joints, two pieces from each side of the breast, the legs into two, wings into two, merrythought and back into three or four pieces. Put a layer of these into a greased pie dish, and a layer of partly boiled ham and slices of hard-boiled egg. Flavour with pepper and salt. Fill up the dish to nearly full with prepared stock, cover with pastry, and bake for an hour and a quarter. If the fowls are cooked previously the time of baking need not be so long. It is as well to save a little of the stock to pour through the hole in the centre of the pie before serving. If the pie is to be eaten cold, soak three sheets of gelatine in cold water for an hour, and pour the hot stock over it. When dissolved, add to the pie.