Chicken and Biscuits

After thoroughly cleanings chicken separate at

From 1911:

After thoroughly cleanings chicken separate at joints, cut the back in two pieces and breast in three or more.
Cover with water and cook until tender. There should be about half a pint of water in the pot when chicken is done. Have ready frying pan in which are two or three tablespoons of butter well heated; into this put your chicken and let it brown on both sides.
After browning, pour in the gravy, salt, pepper and little Worcestershire sauce and let it boil up. Take hot biscuit, break open, place on a platter and pour over them the chicken and gravy.
If one prefers, the gravy can be thickened by mixing a small teaspoon of flour with a tablespoon of cream, after which add a little more milk, stir into the gravy and allow to cook a few moments longer.