Casserole or Italian Hash

A very good modification of this is made by

The number of tasty dishes a good cook can make of the cheaper cuts of meat or meat “left over” is almost endless. Undoubtedly more time and skill are required in their preparation than in the simple cooking of the more expensive cuts, but such effort proves the cook’s superiority.

Boil one-four pound of macaroni, drain and put into a buttered casserole, add a little butter and grated cheese. Push the macaroni to the sides of the dish and fill the center with chopped cooked meat, seasoned to suit the taste of the family. A little sausage gives a good flavor to this dish. Place in the oven until hot throughout and serve.

A very good modification of this is made by using raw instead of cooked meat. For this one-half pound of round steak is sufficient for a family of six. This should be cut into small pieces, browned, and cooked until tender in water with the onions and other seasonings. An hour before the cooking is complete, add one-half can of tomatoes. Before serving, the meat may be mixed with the sauce and the whole poured over the macaroni.